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What is Ranova web?

Ranova web is my project for webdesign. I use modern and resposive techniques to produce powerful, atractive and fully responsible websites. I’m working with WordPress and Framer. WordPress is yearly tested and stable redactions system with lot of possibilities and templates to work with. Framer on the other hand is new and modern way to build websites. It works on its own platform and it has great possibilities in designing . Framer is bit more expensive for maintenance but has it’s own pros.   This site is made in WordPress and I have also another one made in Framer, so you can see both. 



Websites for kids bow camp.


Websites for car towing and car repair service in Prague.


Web for nice beer pub with great kitchen in Beroun CZ.


Funny web for nice beer pub
near soccer field in small village
Vysoký Újezd CZ.

Why Ranova web?

You can ask your self why collaborate with Ranova web. Simply because I always do my best to fulfill your ideas, needs and possibilities. Ranova means „new light“. Me and my family are bringing new light to the world. Same idea stand behind Ranova web. I’m open to discuss individual projects to meet your wishes and of course your budget. I’m also open to work on your project if it meet my interests and has some overlap for people or world. Don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hourly rate

30-50 euro/hour

Project rate



Patrik Tvrdý

Thats me. Webdesigner, filmmaker, DJ and father.
I stand behind Ranova web.

I am working with WordPress and Framer to create a professional, fully responsible and atractive websites for you. Ranova web is creative, responsible, flexible . Personal approach and individual packages depending on your ideas, needs and possibilities is my way to satisfy you.

Besides webdesign I also work as filmmaker. I have more than decade of experiences in postproduction for few Czech studios. I really love music especially electronic music and there I found myself as DJ. And last but not least is my family. To have a beautiful wife and three wonderful kids who fill my life is everyday miracle for me.

Contact me

You can contact me through form or you can send me a direct email or call me to my phone.

EMAIL: patrik.tvrdy.23@gmail.com

PHONE: +420773638958

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